"My supervision sessions with Beth always leave me with new insights about myself as well as new insights about my clients.  After poor experiences with previous supervisors, my relationship with Beth feels like a gift to my personal and professional growth.  She is an incredibly wise teacher, a caring confident, and is as authentic as they come.  I am very grateful to have her on my journey."

Emilie P.

"My wife and I are in such a better place and it is all because Beth has given us a great road map to follow.  We are now aware of the things we say or do long before we do or say them!  We called her in the nick of time!"

Jeff and Michele G.

"Beth has genuinely touched me and helped change me to the person I lost so long ago.  She has made a huge difference to my life and I can’t fathom where I’d be right now if it weren’t for her."

Todd K.

"Ms. Parks has been my therapist for many years and continues to be an essential element to my mental health. Her approach to healing and self awareness is sympathetic yet direct in nature. Beth also provides excellent stress management ideas as well as effective communication "tools" , therefore making it easier to accurately  express ones feelings.

Seasoned in her field, she has been a "breath of fresh air" after having gone through several stagnant counseling sessions with other therapists in the past.

Ultimately, Beth Parks is a highly reccomended therapist who truly cares about her clients."

Vincenza L.

"I have gone to multiple therapists throughout my years of growing up. Unlike my previous sessions with other therapists, therapy sessions with Beth were something I always looked forward too. I started seeing her at 15 years old. Beth's office always felt like a safe place and a welcoming environment. I always felt like I could share my honest thoughts, feelings, and current challenges I was facing. No matter what my struggle was (cutting, my eating disorder, the relationships I had with all people in my life...) Beth was always willing to listen and help find a solution along with helping me work through the root causes of my challenges. What I respect most about Beth Parks, is that her goal isn't to just find a current solution or stop a current behavior. She always pushes me to dig deeper and find the cause so I can find peace of mind and have full closure with any given challenge or situation. She has changed my way of processing anything that comes my way and has changed my life for the better!"

Claire C.

"My time with Beth was a life changing experience. I started seeing Beth when I was 20 years old. She saved me from my own painful and harmful thoughts of wanting to hurt myself. Beth is a light in the dark, and a gift to the world."

Morgan C.

"With my daughter's tragic death, I received the gift of meeting Beth. Through this life shift I have discovered my personal journey for growth and new possibilities. Beth is a gifted teacher and I am forever grateful."

Tiffany S.