Hello, my name is Beth Parks, MA, MSc. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I work with tweens/teens and their families, couples, and individuals.

Whether presenting, working with a group, or interacting face to face with another, it is through service to others that I find meaning and fulfillment in my life's work. I focus on my client's entire well-being, including their intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual needs.

If anyone of these facets of your being is out of balance or lacking in some way, then the whole of you is affected.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling gives you the opportunity to develop a sense of who you truly are. It also helps you discover how your attitudes, feelings, and behaviors might negatively affect your environment, leading you to discover your true positive potential.

I create a comfortable, non-judgmental environment that aids you in finding solutions to your problems.


Some common reasons given for seeking individual counseling include:



Trauma (past and present)

Parent/child issues

Maritial concerns

Substance abuse

Health concerns

Family of Origin issues

Medication concerns


Couples Counseling

PreMarital Counseling

Seeing a couple prior to conflict, as in the case of premarital counseling, often ensures a less rocky start to the marriage. This is a perfect platform for highlighting those touchy areas that if not discussed can become major marriage threatening issues.


Marriage Counseling

Working with a couple that is experiencing conflict and is looking for help with moving its relationship forward.

Some common reasons given for seeking marriage counseling include:





Recurring/Ongoing issues


Problem solving

Health issues

Substance abuse

Blended family


Family Counseling

Families that communicate well will stay well. I involve the whole family in this process. At times mom and dad might come in, or the kids on their own, or any combination thereof. I also provide up-to-date information on the world children and adults live in.

Some common reasons given for seeking family counseling include:

Family strategies

Divorce support

Blended family


Substance abuse issues



Tween and Teen Counseling

A safe place is offered to your tween/teen to explore and discuss sensitive issues they are facing. I use a collaborative problem solving approach involving the child, parents, physicians, teachers, school counselors, mentors, and others.

Some common reasons given for seeking tween/teen counseling include:

Gender confusion


Eating disorders

Suicidal thoughts/attempts

Failing grades

Substance abuse

Behavioral problems

Attention/Focus/Organizational issues

Oppositional and defiance issues

Medication concerns

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